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Gleniffer Lake Boating Society
Box 21049
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Red Deer, AB
T4R 2M1

  Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I let my visiting family/friends use our marina to launch their boat?
The marina is for the exclusive use of members.  You must have a Premium membership to enjoy the privileges.  The society has initiated a trailer sticker campaign to help us identify members that have paid to enjoy such privileges.  Family and friends can use one of the many of the other public boat launches that Gleniffer Lake offers.   

Can I rent my boat slip if I won't be using it?
Yes you can.  The person renting the slip must also be a member of the marina society.  Please be respectful of your neighbouring slip members. The society must receive a completed  slip rental form providing information on the renter and the watercraft using the slip. Rental period is for the duration of the season.  If you have trailer parking at the marina the stall reverts back to the society when you rent, to be assigned to the next person on the waiting list.  Your renter does not receive your parking space with your slip rental.  

Can I let an associate member use my slip?
The society discourages the membership from arbitrarily "lending out" their slips.  Again, please be respectful of your neighbouring slip members.  Members renting their slips need to ensure their renters know not to allow others to use the slip.

How long will it take for my access to the marina to be approved?
We do our best to have your cards activated as soon as possible.  As a cost saving measure to our members the marina society does not have a full time office person processing applications.   We encourage all members to submit payment/information well ahead of the time they plan to use the marina to avoid disappointment.

Can I launch additional watercraft at the marina?
A membership in the society allows the members marina access to one trailer with watercraft.  If a member owns more than one watercraft, he will be required to purchase an additional watercraft sticker for the trailer.  Currently the fee for each additional watercraft/trailer is $135.00.  

Does the resort office look after marina business?
The resort and the marina society are two separate entities.  All matters concerning marina business should be directed to a board member of the marina society via email.

I have rented out my Carefree lot.  Can my renter have access to the marina?
Seasonal Marina Access will be permitted for parties renting properties within Carefree Resort under the conditions detailed on the Seasonal Access Permit application.

I am a marina member and I have purchased a new boat.  What do I do?
You will require new stickers for your boat trailer and the society will need the information on the new boat. 

The information needed is: 

  • Licence # (numbers shown on the outside of the hull sometimes starting with "AB"), 

  • Make, color, and length of boat if you are parking it in a slip. 

Please note: If you sell your boat in the park take the stickers off the old trailer.  

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