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  Society News:


It is hard to believe that it will be the September long weekend this weekend! Where the heck did summer go!

The marina is sponsoring the corn for the upcoming annual Corn Roast on September 4, 2022.

If you are available to assist with corn shucking on
Saturday, September 3rd morning,
please feel free to come down to Marina Park!

Thank you for your support!

Mark your calendars:

The marina removal is scheduled for
Saturday, September 17,

Ryan (Butch) Kelly,

Ryan (Butch) Kelly,

NOT A MARINA REGULATION or BY-LAW but while at Carefree Resort it is understood that if you have a dog and that dog poops, you will pick it up. This also applies to all who go down to the marina. As well please dispose of your bag of poop in the garbage cans NOT the recycle cans. Donít forget your dog must be on a leash at all times!

***Please note that fishing from the docks or off the shores of the marina is NOT allowed. It is too easy to snag a boat cover or an innocent passerby***

Key Rules and Regulations:

1. While within marina there is to be no wake or sail. Watercraft speed will not exceed idle speed.
2. Open flames or smoking is not allowed on the docks.
3. For safety reasons, fishing is not allowed anywhere within the Marina as posted by the Marina Board.
4. There is a 10 minute time limit on the use of the docks adjacent to the boat launch. These docks are intended as a loading zone convenience for all members, not for long term or day use by anyone.

Updated Regulations (June 2021) can be found here, and
All forms can be found on this Website.

Please remember to check the board at the marina before parking your trailer. We had to change a few of the trailers around to accommodate the larger trailers. Your board reserves the right to move the trailers around as the need arises.

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