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    Gleniffer Lake Boating Society Rules:
Also please take the time to read these following topics:
By-Laws       - Revision Date June 2018 Seasonal Access Rules
Regulations - Revision Date January 2023  

1. Alcohol and Boating:

Boating while impaired is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada.
Operators with more than eighty (80) milligrams of alcohol per one hundred (100) milliliters of blood are liable to the following fines:
- 1st Offence: at least One Thousand ($1,000) fine
- 2nd Offence: at least Thirty (30) days of imprisonment
- 3rd Offence: at least One Hundred Twenty (120) days of imprisonment

The maximum sentence may vary depending on provincial statutes. In most provinces: Alcohol may be consumed on board the pleasure craft only if it meets all of the following conditions: The vessel has permanent sleeping facilities, permanent cooking facilities, a permanent toilet and is secured alongside a dock.

2. Lending Access Cards:

Are you lending your access card to friends or neighbour's so they can enjoy our marina?
The reason they donít have access on their own cards is that they have not purchased a membership and therefore have not made any financial contributions for the yearly operations and ongoing improvements to our marina.
- When you lend your access card you are circumventing the By-Laws and Regulations that have been put in place by the membership.

This is still happening on a regular basis and it isnít fair to either your fellow members or your Board members who put in countless volunteer hours to make the marina one of the best in Alberta. Your Board members also want to enjoy their time at the lake and do not enjoy policing the members.

- Throughout the season, there will be random checks on the cards used to access the marina, to ensure it belongs to the member. Card access will be removed for cards being loaned to non-members.

3. Slip Rentals:

If you are planning on renting out your slip, please note that the person you are renting to must be a fully paid member of the society. Please remember to fill out the slip rental form.

4. Trailer Parking:

Since 2011 trailer parking at the marina for the season was based on a "user pay" system. The parking stalls are assigned by your Board of Directors. You must have a Premium membership to qualify for a parking spot.
If you rent out or sell your slip your parking stall reverts back to the society to be offered to the next regular member on the waiting list. If you wish to go on the waiting list, please send an email to

5. Pontoon Boat Owners:

Another reminder In the past, we have found that the pontoon boats can cause damage to the docks if the captain has a rough landing or from high winds causing the boats to rock in the slips. To prevent this from happening we would like all pontoon boat owners to mount a piece of 2 x 6 on the dock at the front end. The boating society will provide the piece of lumber and the screws, but you will be responsible for the installation. Some have been installed already and you can check those out if you are not sure how. The precut boards and screws are next to the shop.
Please note that the cost of any damage caused to our docks will be billed to the membership assigned to that slip. If you rent out your assigned slip to another member, you will be responsible for damage costs. We estimate it could cost approximately $1000.00 for repairs if dock lumber has to be replaced, so please take precautions now.

6. Fishing and Dogs on the docks:

- Fishing is not allowed anywhere within the Marina as posted by the Marina Board.
- Dogs on the docks must be on a leash at all times. This is to protect people walking on the dock, especially small children and people who are afraid of dogs.

7. Marina Etiquette:

- Members assigned a slip may park one boat not exceeding 26 feet in length, or one personal watercraft in their assigned slip.
- Please remember that this is a private marina and is owned and operated by the members for the members ONLY. You MUST be a member to use the marina. Watercraft owned by visiting friends relatives and acquaintances of members CANNOT use the marina either to launch or to tie up their watercraft in a slip.
- No overnight parking of vehicles is allowed at the marina. The parking is for day use only and is for the members that are launching boats at the marina. Overflow guest parking is not allowed.
- While at Carefree Resort it is understood that if you have a dog and that dog poops, you will pick it up and this also applies to those who take their animals down to the marina.

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